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VIBE® aircare dispenser

Packing: 1x1

Code: 2134007

An aircare dispenser that utilizes our own patented Vibrating Mesh Technology, giving real green and efficiency benefits. The Vibrating Mesh Technology allows to consistent fragrance from start to finish and is highly effective, safe and unaffected by climatic conditions. Unlike heavier aerosol droplets which fall within minutes, the VMT micro particles are much smaller and lighter, remaining airborne for any hours. The unique delivery system is completely unaffected by climatic conditions, humidity or by dust particles. VIBE® does not use a wick to dispense the liquid fragrance from a bottle. Instead, pure fragrance oil is delivered in reliable and precise quantities using vibrating mesh technology. A mesh or membrane with 2000 laser drilled holes vibrates at the top of the liquid reservoir and produces a mist of very fine droplets. Fully programmable for your particular environment and is almost silent in operation, so you needn`t even know it was there. Environmentally safe.

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