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One-Shot Series

One-Shot Floor Maintainer
A wax-based concentrated cleaner/maintainer concentrate for all water-resistant floors. Highly efficient cleaner/maintainer with minimal film build-up. Dilution 2.5%

Code: 2191002

Packing: 4x5lt

One-Shot Washroom
Ideal for daily use in hard-water areas, also effectively removes common sanitary area soils, is also suitable for cleaning all washroom surfaces. Dilution: 4%

Code: 2191004

Packing: 4x5lt

One-Shot Toilet Cleaner
Concentrated Powerful and effective phosphoric acid based formulation, non-hazardous when diluted to recommended use rate. Formulated specifically for the Zenith One Shot dispensing system. Effectively removes stains and deposits from toilet bowls and urinals. Dispenses into a directional squeezable bottle for fast and easy application. Dilution: 4%

Code: 2191005

Packing: 4x5lt

One-Shot Air Freshener
One shot air freshener is formulated for use by the professional housekeeper to mask objectionable odours arising from tobacco smoke, food remains and spilt drinks. The product contains unique compounds that block out residue odours and allow only the long lasting freshness. Dilution: 4%

Code: FC8047

Packing: 4x5lt

One-Shot Kitchen Hygiene
Effective against Clostridium difficile For cleaning and sanitising food utensils, glasses, crockery and all types of kitchen equipment. Non-tainting � can be used on food contact surfaces. Suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces including plastics, laminates and stainless steel. Dilution: 4%

Code: 2191006

Packing: 4x5lt

One-Shot Degreaser
A highly concentrated detergent for cleaning of hard surfaces. Removes the heaviest residues of grease, oils, fats vegetable oils from floors, walls and other work surfaces. Suitable for use on stainless steel, laminate, tiles, paintwork and other hard surfaces. Spray-Dilution: 4% Mopping-Dilution: 40ml in 8 litres water

Code: 2191003

Packing: 4x5lt

One-Shot Glass Cleaner
Concentrated One shot glass cleaner is a multi-surface glass and stainless steel cleaner, suitable for all hard surfaces including windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, chrome, porcelain, vending machines, showcases and exhibitions stands. Dilution: 4%

Code: 2191001

Packing: 4x5l