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Procare Series

Procare Unibac
Concentrated liquid detergent and cleaner for food preparation areas.

Code: 2193006

Packing: 4x5lt

Procare Airfresh
Concentrated Air Freshener. It offers a pleasant fragnance in room. With antibacterial properties that fight bacteria and eliminates cigarette and other stubborn odors.

Code: 2193003

Packing: 4x5lt

Procare Washroom
Concentrated antibactericidal and high performance detergent for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces such as bathtubs, sinks etc.

Code: 2193002

Packing: 4x5l

Procare General Floor Cleaner
Concentrated Detergent suitable for basins, ovens, hotplates, cupboards, marble etc. Also suitable for stubborn stains on floors, walls, painted surfaces, aluminum, carpets and fabrics.

Code: 2193008

Packing: 4x5lt

Procare Powerclean
A highly effective concentrated disinfectant. Non aromatic. , Perfect for cleaning hood filters and fryers. Suitable for cleaning in food preparation areas, floors and walls.

Code: 2193004

Packing: 4x5lt

Procare WC
Concentrated Aromatic liquid detergent, disinfectant, for toilet and urinals. It kills germs and bacteria, dissolves scale and removes yellowness.

Code: 2193005

Packing: 4x5lt

Procare Glass Cleaner
Concentrated Glass cleaner with a unique composition that gives excellent polishing and even result. Removes a wide range of dirt.

Code: 2193001

Packing: 4x5lt