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MVP Touch Free Automatic Soap Dispenser
Every part of our system, formulas, pumps, bottles & dispensers are rigourously tested & monitored for trouble free performance. As the most crucial component of our soap system the pump has been designed to withstand thousands of activations. The simplicity of the engineering allows this durability to be incorporated into a cost effective, sealed, disposable cartridge.
The Sanitex® MVP dispensers combine a next generation dispenser design with luxurious soaps and sanitizers, promoting maximum hygiene and leaving hands clean.

Code: 2222004

Combining a next generation dispenser design with luxurious soaps promoting maximum hygiene and leaving hands clean.

Code: 2124017

Packing: 1000ml

Sanitex® MVP Instant Hand Gel
Sanitex® MVP Instant Hand Gel with anti-bacterial action is an instantly refreshing and caring alcohol based formula. No water is needed.

Code: 2140002

Packing: 1000ml

Micro Airoma® Automatic Odour Control Dispenser
Micro Airoma® is an automatic odour control dispenser designed to ensure facilities smell fresh and clean whenever a fragrance is required. Micro Airoma® automatically delivers small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals in order to keep bad odours at bay. The dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options, and can be set to match your exact location conditions
Airoma® Xtreme Fragrance Aerosol Refills 100ml
Airoma® fragrances are modern and offer style and impact options to match all preferences. However, in some instances, a customer needs more than just a modern fragrance. The customer needs a fragrance to provide a stronger, more intense burst of fragrance to the facility in which it’s required.
VIBE® aircare dispenser
An aircare dispenser that utilizes our own patented Vibrating Mesh Technology, giving real green and efficiency benefits. The Vibrating Mesh Technology allows to consistent fragrance from start to finish and is highly effective, safe and unaffected by climatic conditions. Unlike heavier aerosol droplets which fall within minutes, the VMT micro particles are much smaller and lighter, remaining airborne for any hours. The unique delivery system is completely unaffected by climatic conditions, humidity or by dust particles. VIBE® does not use a wick to dispense the liquid fragrance from a bottle. Instead, pure fragrance oil is delivered in reliable and precise quantities using vibrating mesh technology. A mesh or membrane with 2000 laser drilled holes vibrates at the top of the liquid reservoir and produces a mist of very fine droplets. Fully programmable for your particular environment and is almost silent in operation, so you needn`t even know it was there. Environmentally safe.

Code: 2134007

Packing: 1x1

Vibe Refill
One VIBE® cartridge can replace up to three high volume metered aerosol cans or up to six passive fragrance refills

Code: 2133001

Packing: 1x1

V-Air® SOLID Air Freshener Dispenser
V-Air® SOLID utilizes pioneering multi-phasing, sub micron air freshener technology through a passive dispenser and solid fragrance cartridge, delivering consistent fragrance intensity. - See more at: http://www.vectairsystems.com/products/aircare/v-air-solid-air-freshener-with-multi-phasing-technology/#sthash.alh3hH5F.dpuf
V-Air® SOLID Air Freshener
V-Air® SOLID is completely organic and biodegradable, designed with a recyclable hanging clip. It contains no aerosols and no liquids, so there is no chance of leaking while in transit or in use.
Omniscent® Large Space Fragrance System
Omniscent® is a continuous odour control system designed for large spaces that releases high quality fragrances continually and consistently, creating a positive user experience in areas such as hotels, gyms, casinos, reception areas, hotels and conference rooms. One unit will fragrance an area of up to 500 cubic metres.
Omniscent® Non Aerosol Cartridges
Environmentally friendly – Ceramic cartridge is 100% biodegradable Fragrance coverage of up to 500 cubic metres Cartridge life of up to 4 weeks (dependent on location conditions)
Prozone® Automatic Ozone Generator
Prozone® is an automatic ozone generator designed to: • Eliminate unpleasant smells. • Kill up to 99.5% of airborne viruses and bacteria.
Prozone Ceramic Plate Replacement
Prozone Ceramic Plate Replacement
Product Overview Vectair V-Fresh™ is a solid state universal air freshener with added malodour eliminating micro porous materials to combat bad odours. V-Fresh™ is VOC exempt, using no propellants or solvents and is non-hazardous, with no restrictions in transport and no storage issues. Discreet & Versatile The innovative V-Fresh™ can be easily installed onto any hard surface using the integrated suction cup, out of sight from visitors. An integrated hanging slot means it can also be hung from a variety of objects. For example, it can be used in or on the side of toilet bowls, urinals, tiled walls or glass windows.

Code: VECT059-61

V-Screen® Urinal Screens
V-Screen® urinal screen offers an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing. It also combats odour control between washroom cleaning visits.
Femcare™ MVP Sanitary Disposal System
The Femcare™ MVP range of feminine hygiene waste disposal units means that sanitary waste is disposed of safely and responsibly. Keep your customers safe and happy with an ISO 22196:2011 approved antimicrobial additive, Biomaster®, on the surface of each unit. The unit is stylish and highly functional, with a resistance to the build up of dirt therefore being easy to clean. - See more at: http://www.vectairsystems.com/products/feminine-hygiene/femcare-mvp-sanitary-disposal-system/#sthash.lfU34kCP.dpuf
Femcare™ Antimicrobial Scented Liners
Our Femcare™ antimicrobial liner is the first feminine hygiene sanitary waste liner incorporating Biomaster® antimicrobial silver ion protection and odour eliminating technology - See more at: http://www.vectairsystems.com/products/feminine-hygiene/femcare-antimicrobial-scented-liners/#sthash.CmD5Oa1G.dpuf

Code: VECT046

Packing: 1X250

Quadrasan® Urinal and W/C Cleaning and Dosing System
Quadrasan® is a cleaning and dosing system that provides continuous programmable maintenance ensuring toilet and urinal fixtures remain clean, sanitised and odour free. Through its innovative, secure and modern design, the highly effective Quadrasan® is designed to work in a variety of locations without disrupting the surrounding environment.
Quadrasan® Urinal and W/C Cleaning refill
They clean and deodorise at source, protecting between cleaning, and reducing bacteria laden soil.
Safeseat® Surface Sanitiser Dispenser
Even seemingly clean surfaces can harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria. Easy to use Safeseat® Surface Cleaner provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitise surfaces such as toilet seats effectively before and after use.
Safeseat® Surface Sanitiser Refills
Safeseat® sanitising chemical is ultra quick drying and effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet fixtures. Patented “sealed until installed” pouches ensure installation of refills is quick, simple and contamination free. Each pouch holds a high capacity of up to 3000 measured shots, meaning Safeseat® is ideal for the busier location.
Installing a Babyminder® changing table provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic baby changing facility in away from home locations. Providing baby change facilities is now considered to be of equal importance as the provision of other essential hygiene facilities.

Code: 2224001

Packing: 1X1

The unit has a convenient multi-liner system located in the bin base, making it easy for bag removal and reload, with a unique housing that ensures that there are no unsightly, protruding liners. The restricted chute “neck” design also encourages users to compress any waste before using the 40litre bin.
Airloop is a toilet bowl clip air freshener providing an effective fragrance solution for most toilet bowl shapes & sizes for up to 30 days.

Code: VECT117 -18-19-20

Vibe Pro

Code: 2134015

Featuring Triple Action Technology, the active central core in the P-Screen® urinal screen is not only designed to reduce bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance for urinal areas. The multi-award winning* P-Screen® helps to prevent blockages in urinals & uric salt build up in pipes. P-Screen® can also be used effectively in waterless urinals.
MVP Airoma Dispenser

Code: 2134014

Packing: 1X1