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Tanet SR15
TANET SR 15 is a powerful maintenance floor and surface cleaner with exceptional environmental properties. Respecting the biological cycles, it cares for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.

Code: 2151013

Packing: 1L

Aroma Intense Ivedor
AROMA intense ivedor leaves an intensive and long-lasting, fresh scent of blue oceans combined with rose, jasmine, musk and cedar after cleaning.

Code: 2151033

Packing: 1 x 1L

Glass Cleaner
Glass & Window Cleaner 

Code: 2151021

Packing: 750ml

Grease Perfect
Kitchen Degreaser  

Code: 2151026

Packing: 750ml

Manudish Original
High performance manual dishwashing liquid  

Code: 2151019

Packing: 1L

Manudish Neosmart
High performance manual dishwashing liquid  

Code: 2151023

Packing: 1L

Sanet BR 75
Swimming pool and sanitary cleaner  

Code: 2151031

Packing: 1L

Tanet SR 13
Alcohol cleaner  

Code: 2151030

Packing: 1L

Tanet Orange
Floor and Surface Cleaner  

Code: 2151007

Packing: 5L

Tawip Original
Polymer based wipe care  

Code: 2151035

Packing: 1L

Timber Lamitan
Impregnating cleaner for laminate and wooden floors  

Code: 2151032

Packing: 1L

WC Mint
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Mint  

Code: 2151054

Packing: 750ml

Sanet Perfect
Sanitary cleaner and descaler  

Code: 2151003

Packing: 5L

Sanet Zitrotan
Sanitary Cleaner  

Code: 2151005

Packing: 5L

Tanex Allround
4 in 1 power cleaner  

Code: 2151022

Packing: 1L

Grill Express
Deep cleaner for grills and traditional ovens  

Code: 2151053

Packing: 750ml